Your Body Knows

Your body intelligence was given to you on the day of your conception…your just have to remember it.

  • Your Body Knows is a path.
  • Your unique journey towards your balance and well being.
  • Opening yourself to the perception of your senses.
  • A reunion with your stability, your territory, your ground.
  • A time and space for your body to remember where its home is.
  • An opportunity to get to know your inner spaces, your movement, your breath, your yes, your no, your boundaries.

Your Body Knows puts together with techniques from Somatic Experiencing® created by Peter Levine, from SOMA (Embodiment through Touch & Movement for Emotional Trauma
transformation) created by Sonia Gomes e Marcelo Muniz, from therapeutic massage and meditation, in order to increase one’s awareness of the body sensations, movement and rhythm, while experiencing feelings and emotions in the present moment.

Through this awareness you are able to gradually come closer to your innate capacity for moving and perceiving yourself, the environment and the others. In this new space you can better enter into personal, social and professional relationships, without losing your center, your territory, your boundaries, yourself. Attuned with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs, you can go out into the world feeling safety, trust, awareness, strength and joy!