Your Body Knows

Single Session

In a session nothing HAS to happen, you don’t HAVE “to do” anything. It is your time, place and right to just “BE”, with whatever is there in that present moment.

In a single session I will suggest you simple exercises that will help you coming to yourself, to the present moment, to your body sensations. These exercises include body sensations tracking, grounding, movement, breathing and massage.
Time after time, you will start to gain more confidence in what your own body is telling you. You will get familiar with this unspoken language. You will find in your body the capacity to embrace sensations, feelings and emotions, whatever they are, without getting overwhelmed.

You will also discover:

  • new muscles, new spaces, new movements and breathing possibilities
  • new ways of connecting to yourself and to others
  • new ways of being in relationships
  • new ways of dealing with feelings, emotions and stressful situations
  • new ways…

If you feel called I’ll be happy to partner with you in supporting your inner processes of embodiment and reconnection. Back to your body. Back to your center. Back to yourself.